Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man Wave 10 Full Case (Pre-Order Coming July/August)

  • $149.99

Hasbro upcoming Marvel Legends 6" Spider-Man Wave 10 with SP//dr as the Build-a-figure. For those who are unaware with the Build-a-figure SP//dr, it's based on the SP//dr armor introduced in Edge of Spider-Verse #5, which was released in December, 2014. The armor is used by Peni Parker, who took over the mantle after her father’s death. The case comes with 8 figures in total.

The wave includes (number of pieces in the case):

  • (2x) Doc Ock
  • (1x) Scarlet Spider
  • (1x) Elektra
  • (1x) All New All Different Daredevil
  • (1x) Cloak
  • (1x) Dagger
  • (1x) House of M Spider-man


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