The Venom Story: A Tale of Marvel Legends & A Great Movie

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With the upcoming Venom film set to be released in USA on October 5 of the current year, Hasbro announced a non-expected series of Venom figures included in the Marvel Legends category. For these reasons, collectors and Venom fanatics are going crazy over the news!

Tophers Venom Masked
The film, which is the first major film in the Spider-Man Universe without Spider-Man as its main character will have the participation of actor Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote. The film is the first one in which a Marvel Villain gets its own feature film. Let´s remember that Venom appeared in the 2007 Spider-Man 3 movie, played by Topher Grace.
Tophers Venom Unmasked
Sony launched the first images of the symbiote film months ago and we cannot be more excited! Everything suggests that this will be an amazing origin story for Venom. According to Sony, and depending on the success that this film may have, Venom can have its own movie franchise. Sony also wants the film to be sharing the world of Spider-Man: Homecoming, set in the MCU. If this becomes reality, it is going to expand the MCU even more!
But now let´s talk about these incredible and unexpected Marvel Legends Venom figures made by Hasbro. 2018 seems is going to be a big year for Hasbro´s 6” Marvel Legends series due to all the Marvel films and TV series appearing in the current year. The wave comes with 5 Marvel Legends 6” scale figures oriented to collectors, a 2-Pack Venom 6” figures and 2 Titan Heroes 12” figures.
Venom Marvel Legends Wave

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The new 6” Marvel Legends Venom figure is pretty similar to the 2016 Marvel Legends Venom series, but with another head and “collar”.
Venom Marvel Legend
That open mouth lets us see those awesome fierce teeth. Carnage also has a place in this Marvel Legends series, and it comes with a very cool axe hand. In previous years, many collectors did not have the chance to get their hands on a 6” Marvel Legends Carnage figure. Here is a second opportunity.
Carnage Marvel Legend

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Scream, the second symbiote made from the Life Foundation Symbiotes, appears in his own yellowish Marvel Legend 6” figure.
Scream Marvel Legend
Poison, the symbiote created from the union of Peter Parker and Venom, gets a classic white and black figure.
Poison Marvel Legend

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Completing the series, Spider-Ham makes his appearance with a Marvel Legends 6” figure that has an extra Pork Grind symbiote head, able to be attached to the Venom figure.
Spider Ham Marvel Legend
Each of these 6” Marvel Legends figures comes with a different Build-A-Figure part. Collect them and complete an amazing Monster Venom Build-A-Figure.
Hasbro also made other 6” basic figures less oriented to collectors. Venom and Carnage are getting a cool re-packaging in the Venom vs Carnage 2-Pack 6” figures.
Venom vs. Carnage 2 Pack
These figures are oriented for a more general population that has not the intention to collect figures.
The popular Titan Heroes 12” figures are making a comeback with a new packaging and some characteristics different from the previous Titan figures. The Venom Titan figure shows the symbiote teeth, but no tongue this time.
12 inch Titan Figure
The Carnage Titan figure has red hands and a very different pattern on the chest. Hasbro is not going to have any problems to sell these figures to parents with kids that want to play with these ever-popular comic book characters.

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While you are waiting to have these figures in your hands, let us know: are you excited for the upcoming Venom film? Do you think they are going to represent a good origin story for Venom? Are you excited for the symbiotic wave line up figures? What are your thoughts about these figures series? Which figure you cannot wait to have in your collection shelve?

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