Another Marvel Legends Wave Themed Around Spider-Man

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It seems that Hasbro is taking advantage of the expansion that the MCU is having. With a major movie like Avengers: Infinity War destroying the ticket office weeks ago, is more than logical that things are going to be related with this. And if you add the Netflix Marvel´s series and the most recent TV series hit, Cloak & Dagger, you have something great going on.

For these and more reasons, Hasbro released the 6” Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Wave 10 Case with SP//dr as the Build-A-Figure. Hearing these news, collectors and Marvel fanatics are going crazy… or maybe not! But we will discuss that later. As we have stated before, 2018 seems is going to be a big year for Hasbro´s 6” Marvel Legends series due to all the Marvel films and TV series appearing in the current year. This specific case comes with 7 figures in total, gathering generations of Spider-Man and his friends and foes. Each 6” figure include awesome accessories and a Build-A-Figure piece.

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Two figures of Doc Ock are included in this wave. Of course, these come with the famous mechanic tentacles, but no SP//dr BAF part is found.

Two forms of Spider-Man appear in this series with its 6” figures. The first one, the Scarlet Spider, which gives you the possibility to alternate its hands and head. It includes an arm for the SP//dr Build-A-Figure.

Check out the new Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave!

The other figure represents the Spider-Man from the House of M storyline, including a web effect piece as the accessory. It also comes with one leg of the SP//dr BAF.

Daredevil has a place in this wave with an All-New All-Different look. His 6” figure comes with a nunchaku as the weapon accessory and a pair of alternate hands to change as you like. It includes the other arm of the SP//dr Build-A-Figure.

Check out the new Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave!

His comic book partner, Elektra, is also included in the series and her figure comes with 2 Sai weapons. Its SP//dr BAF part? The other leg.


As stated at the beginning, Cloak & Dagger have their own figures in this series and these include important elements of the SP//dr Build-A-Figure.

 In one side, the Cloak figure comes with no extra accessory to enhance the character, but it includes the head of the BAF.

Check out the new Spider-Man Marvel Legends Wave!

In the other side, the Dagger figure includes an effect piece plus the torso of the SP//dr Build-A-Figure. Separated, they look good, but together, they look awesome!

Finally, the SP//dr Build-A-Figure can be put together having the majority of the wave.

This figure is based on the SP//dr armor seen in Edge of Spider-Verse #5, released in December, 2014, and used by Peni Parker, after taking the place of her late father who died in an explosion using the suit. 

The figure includes silver, red and yellow details that give an impressive and accurate look compared to the one from the comic books.

Estimated release of this series: August, 2018.


While you wait for these figures to come out, let us know:

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Which waves do you have so far?

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